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Trends of kitchen. The vegetables of the sea

Cook with flowers, cook with herbs, and why not, cook with algae!
A fascinating aspect of contemporary cuisine is its ability to evolve and experiment new trends.
Algae are a staple food for the peoples of Asia, but today are conquering even the tables of the Western world. Although in our culture, their use is limited, the algae can be a good food to be introduced into the diet. They may be added during cooking of soups, fried, or more simply can be sprinkle on the food in place of salt. They enrich the flavor of food, create curious contrasts and sometimes perfect symbiosis and they can make a dish more digestible and palatable. Without considering their extraordinary nutritional qualities. The algae, in fact, have properties similar to those of the vegetables and some types of fish, for a reason their consumption can bring many benefits to health. They are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, protein and fiber. In addition, they are also detoxifying and rich in iodine.
Although still little know, sea vegetables are a food of many resources in the kitchen. Become “famous” in recent decades, the algae for food use are endless. You can buy in health food stores but also in large supermarkets, in organic food stores and in the stores Chinese / Japanese. Since the elements of which they are composed are absorbed by the water (and therefore harmful ones, such as mercury), it is always very important to control the origin.

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