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Un patrimonio universale chiamato BIODIVERSITA’

Sustainable development and biodiversity are two sides of the same coin. As a matter of fact, the term biodiversity relate to the variety of species of animals, plants and organisms living on the planet Earth. All this process took place 3 and a half bilion years ago and, by now, has led to the existence of more than 2 milion species of living beings.

The are a lot of causes which threaten the preservation of biodiversity. Among them, it is worth mentioning: natural habitat devastations, illegal trade, climatic change and poaching. Human activity played and still now is playing a leading role in all the destructive process. According to the experts in the field, plants and animals species are disappearing and one fourth of them is risking the extintion during its generation.

Biodiversity preservation is a universal patrimony due to the fact that: it keeps mantained all the climatic harmony, in order to make flora available for nutritioning and medical purpose; it satisfies the natural areas demand; it provides precious research material about nature and human life. Moreover, biodiversity is the main source of: food supply (crops, forestry, livestock and fish), medical supply ( loads of plants have been used since ancient times), industrial supply (wood, hydroelectric power, and cotton plants are just an example of how corporate world and natural world correspond), turist supply (there a lot of natural areas where you go and stay the night, in order to visit the reserve).

In the end, overpopulation could be seen as another leading cause of the process of devastation which is affecting biodiversity. Biodiversity is what keeps planet Earth alive: It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure that this survives.

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