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Ecological fur: Natural or Synthetic?

The debate about the fur never goes out of fashion and today is becoming more intense.

During cold periods reappears controversy on the faux fur and if really represents an ethical choice or not. In fact, many wonder if it is more environmentally friendly the synthetic fur or natural.

On this question there are absolutely opposite opinions. On one side is the animal rights movement that the only right choice is to fur that is not derived from animals, while others support the claim that the faux fur can be only natural one.

The natural fur has always been regarded as a symbol of luxury and wealth. The hair used for the production derived from animals such as foxes, wolves, bears, rats, but once even from exotic animals such as monkeys or tigers. The alternative to natural fur is faux fur, which has existed since the 50s of last century, but its production has increased with the growing commitment from the organizations for the protection of animal rights. Today too many fashion companies are committed to using only the synthetic furs. However, since their production depends mainly on oil and chemicals, the debate is whether the Fur have the right to be called ecological.

Taking into account data provided by a well-known scientific study conducted in 1979 in the Laboratory Ford Motors, you conclude that the faux fur is the synthetic one because the amount of energy required to be produced is significantly lower.

Make an ecological choice today is to make a conscious and responsible ethical choice.

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