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The feeding of young people (the age of development).

In the case of young people talk about “diet” is not entirely correct because, by now, the young are fed really bad. On the one hand they believe in clichés wrong food, the other part in the spread of food trends, especially from America, supported by massive advertising of big business, advertising targeted mainly on young people in order to create their own habits and affirm products (snacks), that with proper nutrition often have little to do but for the food industry are very profitable.

So there are many good reasons to worry about the eating habits of young people and, in particular, of adolescents. Between childhood and adulthood, adolescence is in fact one of the most delicate phases of life, characterized by deep physiological changes due to the fact that in this period, the body has to deal with the maximum growth spurt and therefore needs an amount of energy and nutrients more than any other time in life (excluding pregnancy and lactation).

In particular it is required a higher amount of calories in relation to the increase of energy needs related to growth, but a great attention should be paid also to the contribution of protein and iron, necessary to the boys for the construction of the muscular masses and girls for provide the imbalances produced by the first menstruation .

The feeding of adolescents, and young people in general, should therefore be rich in foods that provide carbohydrates (bread, pasta, potatoes, legumes), foods that provide protein of high biological value (meat, fish, eggs) , but also of milk and cheese (for calcium content) and of vegetables and fruits (for vitamins, in particular vitamin A and vitamin C). It should be short, varied diet, enough of all seven food groups.

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