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The narwhal: the fish with the tooth strangest in the world

What for centuries it has been passed off as the genuine Alicorno, that is, as the horn of the legendary unicorn, is actually a tooth, the strangest we’ve ever seen, the male narwhal, a whale (marine mammal) long 4-5 meters of the coastal waters of the Arctic seas and rivers that can also climb. The narwhal (narwhal) has only two teeth or fangs: the right that rarely reaches 30 cm and the left, far almost 3 meters, sharp as a spear that he does not need to attack nor to defend himself.

It has a characteristic spiral counterclockwise which gives it great strength and that, when it was traded for its extraordinary, suppositories therapeutic properties, guaranteed recognition and therefore the authenticity.

Only recently, a research team led by Martin Nweeia of the Harvard University School of Dental Medicine, found that the dentone the narwhal is not what it used to be called Iusus naturae, freak, but a supersensore with about 10,000 terminations nerve that make it a true biological antenna.

It allows the narwhal, which acts as a guide to females, to stay away from the slightly salty waters that threaten the survival of the species; to function as a depth sounder to explore within a large radius the surrounding environment; have a sense of smell that guides him towards the fish, squid and crustaceans it eats.


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