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Diet at no cost: the Freegan movement


Go shopping at the supermarket without spending a single euro you can.

The program “Openspace” conducted by Nadia Toffa, two university students of twenty years Emma and Bianca explain how to do.

The girls are two freegan namely two people that recover all that the consumer society discards. What they do Emma and Bianca, twice a week in the city of Venice, it is to wake up early, go to the back of supermarkets that have close to home and retrieve what the department stores have decided to throw the night before. The reason is not only cost savings but also a philosophy of life that goes against food waste. The philosophy of freegans, in fact, is the conviction that the consumer society produces a lot more than it really needs, the surplus is thrown and that is where they intervene. Those that are located between the wastes of large retailers are mainly produced close to the deadline but also products whose packaging has been damaged and therefore it can no longer be sold. What is recovered, explain the two girls, it is clean, safe, and often in almost perfect condition, a proof of how our society is inclined to waste. For some months now, the two girls are spending so because what they find is still good and you can eat.

The Freeganism, name consists of free and vegan (vegetarian radicals), was born in America in the 90s, in protest against the consumerist lifestyles that just in the United States has reached the highest degree of expression. A model that finds its place in Italy and allows Emma and Bianca eating at no cost.

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