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While the WHO drafts a list of the cancercausing alimony inserting the worked and red meat, the investigators of Oxford cross off from such list own the meats many condemned. Indeed, they quite assert that the red meat does good the health and to eliminate it totally from own diet would create disorders to the organism.
Maria Luisa Brandi, teacher of endocrinology to the University of Florence and coordinator of the study Credits4Health pilot have drafted a Decalogue for the choice of the type of perfect meat, moreover are possible to reassume the beneficial properties of the meat in five points:
    It supplies energy to the brain. This organ alone consumes 20% of the energy total, the red meat contributes to recharge it.
    It supplies DHA. This acronym is a fat person omega3 that it improves the cognitive activities.
    Vitamin b12. This vitamin allows the plicativa ability king of the cells of the DNA.
    It supplies Carnosina. It is found mainly in muscles and in the brain, it contrasts the aging and it prevents diseases like the Alzheimer and the Parkinson.
    It supplies selenium. He is able therefore to increase the male fertility.
All the one which concerns risk of cancer is estimated by the investigators of Oxford in terms of percentage and the result is that the assumption of constant red meat increases of a fifth such probability.
For this the every day amount would not have to exceed the 70g to the day.

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