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One of the major problems of the contemporary world is deforestation, and therefore over-exploitation of forests.

Forests have a key role in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem; plants indeed subtract the carbon dioxide in the air by releasing oxygen in its place. When the cutting of trees exceeds their rate of regrowth is the phenomenon of deforestation and, consequently, it also reduces the positive effects yielded by plants to the ecosystem. Besides land, no longer protected by trees and their roots, are much more subject to erosion.

The causes of deforestation are multiple. One of these is the production of paper.

It is on this basis that is based Paperycling, a project aimed at students of secondary school level I and whose objects are the promotion of recycling of paper and other materials.

The paper in fact is a recyclable material and cellulose, the substance of which it is composed, can be used repeatedly. Recycling also, than creating traditional paper, not only can not cut down trees but also brings cost savings (energy and water).

This is why it is important to sensitize people to the reuse of this valuable asset and, in order to respect nature and its balance, spread the culture of recycling and reuse.

The project now consists of a series of workshops meetings that target the collection and recycling of paper.

Students will be asked to bring it to the school paper already used and to pick it up in the containers. Once you collected you must follow several steps such as shredding, bleaching etc. up to the realization of new paper.


Addressee: Primary School children between 11 and 14 years old

Key idea: Teaching the importance of paper recycling

Results: Work in progress

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