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INRAN: functional genomics and plant biotechnology


Genomics is a branch of molecular biology, which deals with the study of the genome (or genetic, that is, the set of genes of a living organism) of living organisms.

It is divided into structural genomics, which studies the genome organization and functional genomics, which studies the coordinated operation of the genes to produce a certain phenotype.

The latter aims at understanding the ways in which genes that make up our genome headed the development and functioning of our body and how their disruption causes a pathological condition.

The main objective is to associate the genome function and phenotype. The phenotypic characteristics are based on both genetic variation on gene expression is influenced by the environment.

‘Functional genomics’ Division focuses its interest associated genes: stress resistance, growth and yield, fruit quality.

The research of functional genomics at the INRAN is focused on the study of transcriptional regulatory circuits in model plants including Arabidopsis, tomatoes and wheat.

Great progress has been made in the study of the biology of plants, often made possible by progress in the technologies available for the study of gene expression research, thanks to biotechnology is able to change the genetic structure.

The results of this research will lead to new ways of using biotechnology to develop and improve food and agricultural products in terms of quality, efficiency and environmental impact of the cultivation and processing of the products. Therefore, the functional genomics as innovative approach in the definition of food quality and study of response to environmental stresses.

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