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The INRAN’s “Consumer perception and food choice motivations” program



Food choices are not only dictated by physiological or nutritional needs, in fact, eating also plays an important role and relational communication.

Other factors that influence our food choices include: biological factors such as hunger, appetite and taste; health factors (thanks to the antioxidant, anticarcinogenic, cholesterol, etc.); economic factors such as cost, income and availability; social factors such as culture, family, other persons and meal patterns (for example, because, in the memories of all, home cooking is like a sign of recognition); psychological factors like mood, stress and guilt for the ability of food to mitigate negative emotional States; attitudes, beliefs and knowledge on food (for example ethics, particularly in people who use only organic foods, or vegetarians; “magical” aphrodisiac effects, healing, quotes; -religious symbolic). Not only that, exploratory well (alimentazione as way to learn about other cultures) and exhibitionistic (use of special foods and expensive as caviar, oysters to highlight a status).

Between all these factors, in particular, food choices are culturally determined, because the food allows us to identify but also stand out, then playing a role similar to that of language. The environment affect choices through the availability of food, the price, but especially with advertising and marketing.

Females, older persons and the most educated consider particularly important aspects. For males ‘taste’ and ‘habit’ are most often the main factors that determine their choice of food. The ‘price’ is the most important element for the unemployed and pensioners.

The INRAN’s program “Consumer perception and food choice motivations” has as its objective the study of the attitudes, perceptions and cultural dimensions, the psychological and social preferences and food choices on the part of the population as a whole, specific segments of the population, and the analysis of the factors influencing such choices. Food choices affect both specific foods that particular models of diet.

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